Where do you print your images?

Here at Skye McCann Photographics I believe that quality printed products are life. I could easily offer digital images on a USB stick and charge the same amount, but I love printed products and I want my clients to value what they are investing in, we are becoming a printless society and its devastating. I often ask the question if you are going to invest in a photographer why would you print your beautiful memories on cheap low-quality products that don't colour match your digital images and often fade quickly.

Have you ever gone to a photo lab at one of the major retail shops and printed your beautiful imagery? When you received your product how did it look? Was it like the beautiful images that you viewed with your photographer or were the colours wrong and the quality of the image seemed to be off? I often ask my clients (more like beg lol) if they insist on going elsewhere to print their images don’t go to the major retailers.

I have previously printed images at one of the big retailers and although they give the option to not auto correct your images mine always come out over sharp and a variation in colour difference. A lot of clients have said ‘but don’t they use kodak paper they are a good company so it must be ok’. Kodak does offer a lot of different grades of papers, but I can assure you the one you are paying 15 cents for is definitely not quality. But it isn’t just about the paper quality the ink plays a vital role in how long your images are going to last. Cheap inks and paper don’t have a long lifespan and often fade quick, this in the long run will cost you more money to replace.

(phone image - First is printed by my professional lab. Second image from big retailer.)

The lab used by Skye McCann Photographics offer high end quality products including canvases that have a 75-year guarantee and beautifully handmade photo albums made with high quality paper. Can any of the big retailer labs offer you that guarantee for their products?

Sometimes it is worth the money for the quality and longevity. What do you value most? Are you ready to make an investment that lasts a lifetime?

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